The Most Common Customer Complaints And How To Deal With Them

The Most Common Customer Complaints And How To Deal With Them

“Customers that have a bad experience with your product and service are likely to tell 11 of their peers reasons not to buy from you.”

 As a business owner, it is impossible to avoid contact with your customers as it happens daily. It is rare for a customer to reach out to you and “Thank you for doing a great job”, Let’s face it, your customer is likely to reach out to you because they: (1) are not satisfied with the product (2) the product is not what they expected (3) just out of general concern. If you don’t give them your attention, you may never know what the problem truly is, how to solve it or even how to improve your service. As mentioned in the first statement “Customers that have a bad experience with your product and service are likely to tell 11 of their peers reasons not to buy from you.”, but what does this really mean? This basically means that unhappy customers are less likely to (1) approach you and address the actual problem that they have with your product (2) unsatisfied customers are more likely to tell their peers the problems they encountered with your products (3) They will not only give a bad impression of your product but will also prevent you from acquiring new customers. If you take this statement into consideration you should see your customer reaching out to you as an opportunity to improve rather than seeing it as a burden. Focus on the customers that are already reaching out to you and spare some of your time to help them out, bear in mind “your customers want to be heard as much as you want to make a sale”. Below are common queries sent by customers and advise on how to deal with the given situation.  
  1. Where’s my package?

There’s no denying that as soon as a customer orders an item online he is eagerly anticipating its arrival. This is likely the most asked question, but what is the right way to respond to a question like this?.
    • How to deal with this question: Make a checklist and take note of the details that your customer is giving you. See to it that your customer is providing you with details like: his order number, order date, if he was able to receive a tracking number and confirmation email. Once you have the necessary details, look up the SKU and order number in your system or contact your drop-shipping provider’s customer service team to assist you in tracking the order. If the order is indeed missing reach out to your customer and offer solutions such as: A Replacement for the missing item or refund their order.
  1. Am I allowed to return the item?

As a customer yourself, it is no denying that sometimes when you order an item online you get disappointed by the item because it did not meet your expectations. If you are involved in vidaXL’s Drop-shipping program, for example, we offer solutions for different types of returns.
  • How to deal with the situation: Once you have details on the order, it should be easier for you to provide a solution for your customer. Make a checklist and take note of the following details:
    • Order number
    • Reason for the return
    • Date received
    • Desired solution
    • SKU
    • Quantity ordered.
  1. My order is missing some parts, can you solve this problem?

No matter how your customer phrases it, he generally wants to say: “Hi, I ordered an item from you recently and it’s missing some parts, can you help me?”. When items are placed together in a single packaging, it’s no surprise that some small pieces can get misplaced along the way.
  • How to deal with the situation: Collect the necessary information from your customer (Order number, SKU number, Quantity, missing part). Once you have gathered the necessary details provide them with a part list (if available) and ask them to tell you which part number is missing. When the details are collected you can now arrange to have the missing parts sent over to your customer.
  1. It’s not working /damaged, what should I do?

one of the most complicated types of returns to deal with is when the product received by your customer is damaged or malfunctioning. It is a handful because it will require you to trace back and find out whether the item was already damaged when it left the factory or if it was damaged while it was in the process of being delivered or even damaged due to the way your customer handled the product. Despite the odds, we advise you to keep calm, as we have a way to salvage the problem.
  • How to deal with the situation: Ask your customer to describe the damage (were there damages visible on the box, did the item arrive drenched in water, did it break a week after it was put together, etc.). While your customer describes the state of the item request for a photo or video of the damaged item. Based on the information and physical evidence that you have received decide whether the damage was caused: During transit, factory damage, weather conditions, customer handling, etc. Once you have decided the cause of damage, present your customer with a solution (replacement, return or refund).
  1. When will I get my money back?

Once you have decided to provide your customer with a refund for any reason your customer will likely be eager to see the money transferred back to their account.
  • How to deal with the situation: first and foremost, stay calm, request your customer to be patient and reassure your customer that the refund has been processed and is expected to be visible in your customers account by X number of working days (I.e. the refunded amount will be transferred back into your account after 3 working days, depending on the bank).

If you have not yet invested in a dedicated customer service team to assist you in solving your customer queries click here to get to know why a Customer service team is worth investing in.

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