The Importance Of Providing Your Customers With a Dedicated Customer Service Team

The Importance Of Providing Your Customers With a Dedicated Customer Service Team

  Business owners are not always aware of the positive impacts that customer service brings to their establishments. To illustrate the importance of functional customer service team’s existence in your establishment, let’s start by defining the term “Customer Service”. Customer service is defined as the assistance provided by a company before, during and even after a product has been purchased. Here is where the concept of “customer experience” kicks in. Customer experience is the product of an interaction between an organization and its customers. Let’s go deeper with what the concept of customer experience means by illustrating its function in an example. Let’s put you in the shoes of your customer, you were able to purchase a brand new computer chair. Upon its arrival, you begin to notice that the chair you received is blue and not the black one that you initially ordered. Naturally, you would like to get the best out of the money you spent so you pick up your mobile phone and try to get in contact with the company that sold the item. You are then attended to by a member of the seller’s customer service team, who asks and understands the problem you are facing and try’s to come up with a solution, as soon as possible. The agent decides to arrange a pick-up for the wrongly sent product and arranges a delivery to provide you with your initial order. Once you receive the item you have originally had in mind you are filled with glee as it is exactly what you were expecting. Providing additional services to your customers adds value to your brand reputation, but that’s not all it does, think outside the box and consider the top 3 reasons why investing in customer service will benefit your establishment:

1. Customer retention is cheaper than customer acquisition

You possibly might have heard this phrase quite a few times before, but what does it mean? This phrase suggests that returning customers will benefit your business in the long run as they are always more likely to spend more especially when they have had a positive encounter with your store before. It is a known fact that customer retention of 5% can equate to 25% of your profit which will then led you to allocate fewer funds for fancy marketing tools to get you noticed. Based on various research involving customer acquisition, the amount a small company allocates in customer service has more value than the large amount invested in acquiring a new customer, which decreases the amount you must spend on acquiring new customers and decreases the overall customer acquisition cost. This is why you should always do your best to attend to your existing customer’s needs even after you have made the sale. If your customer is satisfied with the product and the service provided it is likely he/she will return to your store and refer their peers as well, as they say, “Word-of-mouth marketing is the best form of Free promotion”.

2. Customer Loyalty

You have likely heard the term customer loyalty before, but as a business owner, what does this term mean? Customer loyalty is the result of consistently positive emotional experience that a customer has with a brand or establishment. Investing in a dedicated customer service team will add value to your customer loyalty as it gives you a chance to directly communicate with your customers. Look at it through a microscope, getting in touch with a customer has a higher satisfaction guarantee as it allows you to keep the relationship going and assists you with telling your customers what they need way before they even realize it themselves. Investing in a customer service team sees to it that you not only make a sale and guarantee a return but sees to it that you get insight on your customer’s needs and wants. After all, if you’re happy with a brand or service, why look anywhere else?

3. A satisfied customer is always willing to pay more

As mentioned, returning customers can equate to 25% of your profit, this is because returning customers are willing to pay more on services and products that they know are worth their time and money. Think of your benefits here. A single good experience with your products (and the help of your customer service team) influences your returning customer to spend more on your products as they already know its outcome. Providing customer service outside the sale that you have made helps make sure your customer continues to have a good experience with your brand despite encountering minor problems, your customer’s overall experience may it be big or small could be the deciding factor for them to stick to your brand, and return to you for any other needs that they have. To sum up, customer service is an additional factor that will lead your customers wanting more and a well-trained one can undeniably make your company the best version of itself as they possess the power to not only maintain your customer relationships but grow your customer base as well. Grow your customer base faster with a sturdy customer service team today!
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