Payment Methods

Payment Methods

If you are looking for more convenient ways to pay for your customer orders, look no further as vidaXL offers the following payment methods:



vidaXL’s wallet feature allows you to conveniently store credit on to your drop-shipping account. I allows you to transfer balance coming from your bank account, Credit Card and PayPal. To know more about how our Wallet function works and it’s benefits click here.



Apart from paying for your subscription fee and toping-up your wallet, you are able to pay for your orders through PayPal. When choosing to use PayPal as a payment method kindly take note of the following details:

  • When transferring money to your Wallet, you will need to send a copy of the transaction to [email protected]
  • PayPal has a maximum transfer amount which differs per country. For more information kindly click here or view the table below.

*For the countries BG, HR, and RO: you can only make use of PayPal as a payment method when settling your subscription fee (30 EUR).



Credit Card

This payment method is hassle-free as it allows you to transfer the needed amount straight to your Wallet, apart from this you will not need to send a copy of your transaction details. Kindly note that this option is not yet available for: HR, BG, CH, US, and AU.


Should you have any questions regarding our payment methods kindly reach out to a member of our team ([email protected])