3 Best Drop-shipping Plugins

If you are planning to start your own webshop, you should know that it might be a handful , as it brings multiple responsibilities like keeping products and stock up-to-date, importing thousands of products, category mapping, and sending your customer’s bulk orders over to vidaXL. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

Thankfully, a suitable plugin will eliminate a lot of tedious processes. If you intend to optimize your time, you should consider investing in a drop-shipping plugin to handle all of the background work for you. In this article, we will list our 3 main plugins that will assist you in automating some of your work processes.


vidaXL’s Drop-shipping Plugin For Lightspeed

First, let’s take a look at Lightspeed. The Lightspeed plugin assists you in importing products on to your Lightspeed webshop. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect when making use of the Lightspeed connector:

  • Easy import of vidaXL products on to your webshop
  • Real-time price and stock updates
  • Graphical interface that allows easy category mapping
  • It allows you to define your own category margins
  • Optional: Automatic order-forwarding module + track and trace support

Get more information on the lightspeed connector by clicking on this link:

Download the instructions by clicking on this link (Only available in Dutch):

For support & questions related to the integration of vidaXL’s product feed please contact
[email protected].


vidaXL’s Drop-shipping Plugin For Magento 1&2

Second on the list is Magento. Magento is also a professional plugin you should consider as it has a lot of automated features:

  • Automated product synchronization
  • Real-time vidaXL’s stock and price updates
  • Graphical interface for easy mapping of supplier categories
  • Define your own margins by category
  • Easily sync and manage product data
  • Compatible with both Magento Community and Enterprise versions.

Get more information on the Magento connector by clicking on this link:

For support & questions related to the integration of vidaXL’s product feed please contact
[email protected].


vidaXL’s Drop-shipping plugin for WooCommerce

Most users start drop-shipping with Woocommerce, because it is the most popular amongst the three. The WooCommerce plug-in ensures that orders are sent to vidaXL and shipped to your customer’s doorstep. That’s easy? Yes, that’s easy!

Important features

  • Import the (total) product assortment of vidaXL.
  • Automatic order processing to vidaXL
  • Define margin above the purchase price of vidaXL.
  • Real-time stock and price updates
  • Returns are automatically handled by vidaXL

What are you waiting for? Try vidaXL’s WooCommerce plug-in, free for 7 days.

With a simple statement, owning a webshop can be troublesome, vidaXL’s plugins can lighten the burden by assisting you with some of it’s tasks. Take your pick and dropship better with vidaXL.