Expand Your Dropshipping Reach with these Top 10 Marketplaces

Expand Your Dropshipping Reach with these Top 10 Marketplaces

Most sellers are familiar with the marketplaces Amazon and eBay, but not considering other channels. If you intend on developing your business, promoting products via an external marketplace is something you should consider. Selling your products through an external marketplace is at your advantage as the marketplace will assist you in reaching your potential customers. How? You may ask. Generally, these marketplaces have numerous visitors everyday, setting up a store and promoting your products will be a stepping stone for you to get your customer’s attention. What you need to do next is try to appeal to them and get them to purchase products from your store. Here are the top 10 marketplaces that we recommend.


Major Selling Countries: France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium Fnac is a French marketplace with over 15 million unique visitors every month. It has a wide reach as its major target group is within Europe. Its major categories are: electronics, baby & toddler, home & garden, kitchen, sporting goods, toys & games. The benefit of selling your products on Fnac is the fact that they offer assistance when it comes to marketing and sales. Apart from this, they provide a dedicated customer service during the integration process.


Major Selling Countries: Germany, France, Spain ,The United Kingdom, Italy Mano Mano is an European marketplace that specializes in DIY and gardening. The marketplace has over 1.9 million returning customers across Europe and offers the following categories: Garden & outdoor, tools, kitchen, bathroom, heating & plumbing, pet care, electrical, lighting, flooring, painting & decorating, hardware, and building materials. A major benefit of promoting your products on this marketplace is you don’t need to take much risk as the platform does not have an application fee, but only requests low commission compared to other marketplaces.


Major Selling Country: Netherlands Bol.com is one of the largest marketplaces in the Netherlands. Their Platform has over a million unique daily visitors and 6.4 million active customers. The platform majors in the following categories: books, toys, electronics, home and living, lifestyle and toys. Sellers can benefit from selling items on Bol as they are allowed to take part in Bol.com’s promotional advertising programs. Sellers are not required to pay for monthly fees, they are only requested to pay for the commission of products that they have sold through bol.com.


Major Selling Countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland eMag is the largest marketplace in Romania and is present in Poland, Bulgaria, and Hungary. It has a large partner base with over 50,000 unique visitors daily. The market place specializes in: electronics, appliances, personal care, housekeeping, and infant care products. The administrative end of this marketplace does not require much maintenance as the channel is mostly automated and will assist you in the integration process, setting product’s price, tracking orders. The platform is ideal for drop-shippers because it does not have a high sales cost in comparison to other platforms.


Country: Sweden Tradera is a well-known marketplace in Sweden. The platform has more than 4 million weekly visits and over 2.5 million active members. The platform’s major Categories are Lifestyle, Home & Garden, fashion, interior design, electronics, and collectibles. The platform offers sellers the opportunity to get noticed as strategically place more than1,500,000 ads are on their site regularly.


Major Selling country: Poland Allegro is a popular marketplace within Eastern Europe and is the5th biggest marketplace in Europe. The platform has more than 17 million active customers and offers the following categories: electronics, fashion, home & garden, Infant, beauty, health, sports and tourism, motor vehicles, collections & art, and more. Multiple benefits come with when selling your products on Allegro, specifically: Involvement in marketing campaigns, advertising support, a dedicated support agent, as well as their dedicated seller Brand Zone.


Major Selling country: United States Walmart is a known retail platform due to its large physical stores in the united states. Walmart’s marketplace offers sellers a diverse marketplace and is ideal for sellers who wish to branch out and expand their Market reach. The marketplace specializes in the following categories: Electronics, Clothing, Home, Furniture, Health & Beauty ,Sports. The platform has over 110 million unique monthly visitors, does not have a listing fee and will not charge sellers a membership fee.


Major Selling country: the United States Wish is known to be a mobile application that allows customers to purchase items through their mobile phone. The platform has millions of merchants, allowing customers to select and purchase different kinds of items. The platform has over 300 million users and is quite popular in the United States. The following categories are popular on Wish: mature, computer accessories, electronics, and toys & games.


Major Selling country: Australia Major categories: Home, Beauty, Baby, Toys, Furniture Catch is an Australia based marketplace with more than a million active customers. It is known within the Australian market for its specialization in home, beauty, infant, toys, and more. The major benefit of selling products through this platform is the number of active users and visitors, people who live in Australia often choose to buy items on Catch because of the numerous product categories and listings offered.


Major Selling country: Germany Real is a popular marketplace in Germany owning over 2.6 million active customers. The marketplace is known for its specialization in the categories Garden & Hardware, Kitchen & Household, infant, Fashion, and Sports. Despite the platform’s monthly fee of €19.95, it is beneficial for sellers to promote their products on this platform as they are allowed to list as many products as they want because of worry-freelisting fees.


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