Are You Overwhelming Your Customers with Options? The Importance of Listing More.

Are You Overwhelming Your Customers with Options? The Importance of Listing More.

Are you already a vidaXL Drop-shipper? taking full advantage of vidaXL’s Drop-shipping Program? Are you overwhelming your customers with options? If the last question is keeping you puzzled, we will it simple by telling you the right answer is no. Making use of vidaXL’s wide variety of products and listing them not just on your webshop but also on external marketplaces increases your chances of making a sale. Take sellers on the platform Amazon, for example, sellers don’t worry about overwhelming their customers with choices, instead, they do their best to offer their customers numerous items from different categories. List more and get noticed by your customers with a little help with these tips:  
  • List your entire portfolio

Take this statement into mind: “Listing more means getting more”. This means that when you list more products you widen your customer reach, you also increase your chances of making a sale. Listing your products and placing them under specific categories will surely make a difference because it will assist you, customers, in finding what they are looking for. I mean why limit yourself by offering your customers 1 category when you can offer a variety in more than 20 different categories?

  • Enhance your Product content

As a Drop-shipper vidaXL is already providing you with quality content, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard to improve what you have. Getting your products noticed doesn’t stop at listing your entire portfolio alone, you will need to do a bit more to attract your customers. Make your product a bit more interesting by making use of the following strategies:

  • Use keywords

You can invest in multiple resources to optimize your product’s appearance on search engines, but if you’re using the wrong keywords it just won’t work. But what are keywords? and how will they help improve my product’s content? Keywords are commonly used to optimize the visibility of your product on search engines, they are words that will assist you in getting your products noticed by your target audience. Focus on these 3 points when selecting keywords for your products (1) choose words that closely relate to your products (2) use words that are commonly searched (3) use words with high conversions.

This is an image of the product that you are selling. In order to select the best keywords that would best suit your product you should consider taking note of the following details:

  • The color of the chair: Red
  • Type of chair: Dining chair
  • The number of pieces being sold: 4 pieces
  • Make use of categories

Don’t just limit yourself to listing your product and labeling it as a general item, DIG DEEPER!  If you are selling chairs don’t settle for just labeling it as an office chair or dining chair. Define it by narrowing down the product category, take the example below as a reference.

Placing your products in the right categories will benefit your customers as it enables them to find the items that they are looking for (and in a faster manner). Making use of this technique will also benefit you as  the items that you are selling and specifically placing in the list will be noticeable as the products are narrowed down.  It’s the small details in how you present your product that will impact your sales.

  • Use bullet points

Making use of bullet points at the introduction of your product description isn’t exactly a common method used in ecommerce today, but you should never be afraid to start your product description with something different. What makes bullet points a useful method? when it comes to introducing your products to your customer, it gives them the most valuable details at first glance. Consider your customer is quickly looking for a new sofa set to buy, he generally doesn’t have time to skim through your whole product description and list down the details. If we’ve convinced you to make use of bullet points we recommend you make a checklist and provide the following details:

      • Colour:
      • Material:
      • Dimensions: LxWxH
      • Capacity:
      • EAN:
      • SKU:
      • Brand:
  • Romanticize your product description

Right about now, you might be wondering what we mean by this. Bear in mind that you are not the only drop-shipper that your supplier is working with, you could be hundreds even thousands, this means that you are provided with uniformed product descriptions. Basically you need to give your customers more than just black and white text on what the product can do. Give your product the opportunity to standout by giving your customers a hint of what their lives are missing take this short example of a sofa:

“Experience comfort without compromise as this extra comfortable sofa persuades you to stay longer. Its thick pocketed cushions and memory foam layers make leaving almost impossible. Aside from this its multi-seater purpose allows you to welcome your guests like kings as it can accommodate up-to-8 individuals.”

Not only are you able to give your customers some detail, you are also able to give them an idea of how hard to resist your product is.

  • Use Quality Images

There’s no denying good quality images can help you boost your sales. Let’s face it, you are selling products online, one of the main details that will attract your customer are the pictures that you are presenting.  Studies have shown that one of the first things that attract your customers to purchasing and even viewing a products is (1) the colour of the product you are selling followed by (2) the quality of the images that you present them. As vidaXL’s Drop-shipping program provides you with multiple images for a single SKU, make the most out of it and try to place them all online to convince your customers.


If you are having difficulties with where and how to promote your products feel free to read this article. Or reach out to a member of our team [email protected] for advice on how to improve your products content and get noticed!

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