New vidaXL dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce is Live!

Are you ready to expand your WooCommerce webshop?
vidaXL sells over 20,000 products under the categories: home, garden, and garage.
As a vidaXL dropshipper, you are given the chance to make a profit by selling vidaXL products on your webshop.

VidaXL’s WooCommerce plugin: automates everything
Do you have or want to start your own webshop? Import vidaXL products with ease when using the WooCommerce plug-in. vidaXL’s WooCommerce plug-in ensures that products are imported on to your webshop and are kept up to date.

Received an order? The WooCommerce plug-in also ensures that orders are sent to vidaXL and shipped to your customer’s doorstep. That easy? Yes, that easy!

Important features

  • Import the (total) product assortment of vidaXL.
  • Automatically process orders to vidaXL for shipment.
  • You can configure your own margin above the purchase price of vidaXL.
  • Updating the inventory and purchase price will be done automatically.
  • Returns are handled automatically by vidaXL, all you’ll have to do is refund your customer.

What are you waiting for? Try vidaXL’s WooCommerce plug-in, free for 7 days.