Get Real-Time Stock With API

Hey Dropshipper!

If you are currently using our API connection, then we have some great news for you! As always,vidaXL would like to provide you with up to date details on our product’s availability. This time, we have developed a new feature that allows you to track real-time stock with API.

Take a step further and try this feature out for yourself by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Request API access from our B2B team ([email protected])

Step 2: Connect API with your credentials

Step 3: Select the get option and fill the URL portion with:

Step 4: Change “XXX” at the end of the URL to the SKU that you are looking for

Step 5: Fill in your account details by making use of your dropshipping email address and your API token as the password.

Step 6: Click on “Update Request” then click on “send”.

Step 7 : Once you have performed the necessary actions you should receive information regarding the SKU’s availability.

Get more details on this feature by clicking here