Customize Your Wallet’s Top-up

Hey Dropshippers!

vidaXL would like to announce the wallets’ latest update! If you haven’t been introduced to vidaXL’s wallet yet, here are some details that you will need to know.

Here’s What’s New

The wallet’s new update gives dropshippers freedom, by allowing them to encode the amount that they would like to top-up. They are also not limited to a minimum top-up amount, this means they can top-up amounts that are under 100 Euros (and even less). The wallet’s update continues to make dropshipping hassle-free as there are no major changes to the top-up process, the steps are simple:
1. Login to your B2B account.
2. Click on the top-up button located on the top right corner of your screen.
3. Click on “Select from list or enter custom amount box”.
4. Input the amount that you would like to top-up.
5. Select your payment method and click on top-up.

What is vidaXL’s wallet?

vidaXL’s wallet can be found within vidaXL’s selling portal. It serves as an internal payment method that allows dropshippers to store their funds and assists them in paying for their customer’s orders. Funds are transferred to the wallet via top-up. Top-up is the action of transferring funds from an account that holds value (i.e. money).

Before the update

Previously, dropshippers were limited to topping-up amounts that were displayed under the top-up options. They did not have the option to customize or select amounts that were outside the given top-up choices.
Get more information on vidaXL’s wallet feature by clicking here.